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We Believe In Results - It's As Simple As That

Richard NorrisQIS Packaging

To date our ROI is 830 % “and continuing” head and shoulders above any other ROI for any other campaigns we are running. With sales running at a whopping 13% conversion rate.

Tamas AcsEasyDNS

In a few months, they added an additional 10% to our revenue. Looking for a capable, professional company to execute your email marketing? ReEngager is solid bet. Highly recommended!

Naomi FindlayHome Staging

400% ROI On Our Initial Investment. Reliable. Honest. Delivered exactly as promised. And not one day late. Beyond Satisfied! Everything you want in a company you work with on your marketing. 

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To Be Perfectly Honest With You...

ReEngager Is Not Just A Software Company Or App

Let's Face It - You Don't Only Need Software,

You Need Strategy AND Execution

That's where ReEngager comes in.

Instead of creating another complicated email marketing platform for online retailers and eCommerce companies, we decided to focus on the strategy, execution AND software, because that's what's going to help you, isn't it?

See, here's the thing:

The online retailers who FAIL at email marketing do so because their strategy and execution sucks - not because their software doesn't have the right features.

As The Owner, CEO Or Digital Marketing Executive, You Care About RESULTS - Not About The Logo At The Top Of Your Email Marketing Software App

When you work with ReEngager, you don't just get software... you get a complete email marketing solution - the strategy, execution AND the software:

  • the overall email marketing strategy
  • copywriting
  • coding
  • design
  • platform integration
  • logic and targeting
  • conversion optimization and A/B testing

There's Absolutely NOTHING For You To Do...

  • You don't create the strategy
  • You don't write the copy
  • You don't integrate the software
  • You don't design any emails
  • You don't setup the logic and targeting in the software
  • You don't do conversion optimization and A/B testing

Why Not?

Because ReEngager Does It ALL For You

(Though If You Want To Tweak Something,

Change A Sentence or Update The Emails, You Can!)

Everything we do is done with the primary goal of increasing sales.

For example, it's not "design" for the sake of design, but "design" for the sake of maximum sales and maximum conversions. It's the same with everything else - copywriting, platform integration, and so on.

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Why Email Marketing?

Email marketing accounts for more than 7% of all e-commerce user acquisitions. This makes it the 2nd most effective acquisition channel (behind search at 15.8%).

Plus, the average return on email marketing investment is $44.25 for every dollar spent (more than double social media ROI).

In other words...

Without Email Marketing For Your Store...'re leaving 10% to 25% of your total revenue on the table every single month.

What are you waiting for?

If you don't implement an email marketing program ASAP, there's a good chance that you'll be left in the dust by your more sophisticated, forward-thinking competitors.

That's Where ReEngager Comes In

ReEngager helps online retailers and ecommerce stores increase sales by 10% to 25% with email marketing (ask us about our ROI Guarantee).

We create a complex ecosystem of "email campaigns" that trigger and interact with each other based on how your customers behave on your website.

The end result?

More sales, higher average order value and increased customer lifetime value.

Want to find out how much we can increase YOUR sales with eCommerce email marketing? Request a free consultation today and we'll tell you everything you want to know.

12 Examples Of Automated, Predictable, Email Marketing Campaigns We Create For Our Clients


Welcome To The Family

When someone joins your email database for the first time, send them a welcome series to build trust and rapport.


First Time Customer

Make them feel amazing for choosing you (they'll buy more later). When they buy for the first time, give them the "first time customer" experience.


Due For Re-Order?

Remind customers to re-order when they're about to run out of your product to maximize lifetime customer value.


Educate Your Prospect

Quality content makes you stay top-of-mind and positions you as the leader of your industry. Great for keeping leads hot.


Nurture Your Prospects

Before your prospects buy, they need to be seduced. Seduce them with a nurture series to get them spending money.


Repeat Customer

When they buy a second or third time (or fourth time), be more aggressive in your email follow up to generate more revenue and increase lifetime customer value.


Just Bought Something

Tweak your transactional emails to maximize lifetime customer value.They get more opens and clicks than any other emails.


Page Abandonment

Follow up based on what pages people visit on your store, and send targeted sales material based on what they were looking at.


Cart Abandonment

70% of people abandon their shopping carts. Recapture lost revenue with a cart abandonment email recovery series.


We've Missed You

Sometimes, people stop responding to your emails. Trigger an automatic series designed to reactivate your lost leads and get them buying like they used to.


Up-sells and Cross-sells

Send an upsell series right after someone buys and generate more revenue. Best time to make a sale? Immediately after a sale.


Product Updates

Generate interest from previous customers and inactive leads by getting them to come back and explore your store.

Remember, everything above is automated - so once you have set everything up, it's the gift that keeps on giving.

In addition to automated series, we also send weekly newsletters and promotions.

We find that with this approach - manual newsletters AND automated workflow series - we're able to generate the highest return-on-investment for our clients.

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  • 2. Based on conservative figures, can we get an ROI?

Are You Aligning With The Right Person Or Company?

Created By A Well-Known Email Marketing Expert

ReEngager was created by John McIntyre, widely-known as a leading email marketing expert and thought leader.

Before creating ReEngager, John...

  • Created the wildly-popular McMethod Email Marketing Podcast (200,000 downloads and counting)
  • Taught and mentored over 300 copywriters and marketers through his educational training programs
  • Interviewed over 100 of the world's top lifecycle email marketing experts
  • Wrote the Amazon Bestseller Email Marketing: 63 Money-Making Insights From The Wildly Popular McMethod Email Marketing Podcast

If you were to make a list of the best people to mastermind your eCommerce email marketing strategy, John would be at the top of your list.

John McIntyre

Our Results Speak For Themselves

Dan AndrewsTropical MBA

They increased lead sign-up rate by 257% and increase our overall lead conversion rate with their "Crash Course" nurture strategy.


When it comes to copywriting and email marketing, John's advice is solid. When I implemented his advice, sales tripled.

Naomi FindlayHome Staging Institute

400% ROI On Our Initial Investment. Reliable. Honest. Delivered exactly as promised. And not one day late. Beyond Satisfied.

Terry DunlapReaver Systems

Thanks to you, I’ve pulled in over $76K in LESS than 6 months over the first 5 months of the site’s existence. I have nothing but high praise for you.

Alvin Huang Success Vantage

We've already pulled in $52,575 from your campaign. We're continuing to run advertising so the sales  will only increase. Perfect team for the job.

Brendan TullyDidgeridoo Dojo

I can 100% vouch for John McIntyre. John helped us increase our lead signup rate by 350%.

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To help you and your team understand how much additional revenue and profit you can expect as a result of implementing a lifecycle email marketing program, we've created a simple, 2-minute ROI calculator.

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