Email Marketing For Online Retailers: Scientific Research, Case Studies, and Examples

Most online retailers are doing email marketing wrong. Or they’re not doing it at all.

Are you one of the unlucky majority?

Email marketing is the second most effective customer acquisition channel (behind search) for online retailers and ecommerce stores. So if your company hasn’t developed an detailed email marketing program, you’re leaving big money on the table. This whitepaper will give you the scientific research, case studies and examples you need to persuade internal contacts and teams to invest energy and resources into email marketing.

In this whitepaper, you’ll discover:

  • why email marketing is far from dead
  • the average return on investment for email marketing per dollar spent (this is mind-blowing)
  • how a Southwestern outfitter recovered 12% of abandoned shopping carts with a 3-email campaign
  • the email campaign that drove 33% of total email revenue for a video game accessories manufacturer
  • how a household name used relevance and behavioural targeting to increase total email revenue by 600%

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