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Matthew Pollard

“ReEngager easily nets me a few hundred thousand dollars a year...”

I’m always surprised how big my industry colleagues email lists are and how little they actually make from them. ReEngager easily nets me a few hundred thousand dollars a year, which is more money than some of my friends even though they have 10x more leads.

MATTHEW POLLARD  //  The Rapid Growth Guy

Each month, 20% of your sales opportunities are going up in smoke.

According to a recent DemandGen report, nurtured leads are 20% more likely to turn into sales opportunities than non-nurtured leads.

In other words -

If you don’t nurture your leads (or you don’t do it properly), you miss out on 20% of your sales opportunities. 

This costs you big time since one single deal generates thousands of dollars in commissions. Over 12 months you throw away tens of thousands of dollars in easy money. Money that had YOUR name on it.

That’s a huge chunk of coin that you could have used for...

  • A family holiday
  • Paying down your home loan
  • Saving for your retirement
  • Or even a new car

The problem is...

Most real estate agents simply don’t have the time, energy or resources to nurture their database, so they never get the benefits.



Lead nurturing is hard work.

First you have to study the art and science of lead nurturing. 

What to say and how to say it. What software to use. How to track everything and optimize it over time so that you stay relevant. Etc.

Then you have to apply what you learned to your specific business. 

You have to study the market, look at what your competitors are doing and create nurture content that drives conversions. 

Finally, you have to navigate your way around clunky, confusing software programs, spend fruitless hours solving problems with their tech support and hope to god it all works properly.

Yup... it’s hard, frustrating, painstaking work.

And that’s ON TOP of everything you’re already doing as a real estate agent.

It's no wonder most real estate agents don't even bother.

How about YOU?

Do YOU have a system for nurturing your leads?

How confident are you that it’s designed correctly?

Are you 100% sure that you’re not letting good leads fall through the cracks?

Here’s the deal:

If you don’t nurture your leads properly, you leave LOTS of money on the table.

Instead of being “top of mind” when a prospect is ready to go, you’re invisible.

They need a real estate agent NOW but you’re nowhere to be found.

And as they say...

“Out of sight, out of mind.”

That means they don’t hire you. 

They don’t even think about you.

They hire your competitor instead.


If only you could nurture your leads without having to do it yourself or even learn a single thing about it...

If only there was a simple, easy way to nurture your leads without spending any time on it...

If only you could just pay someone to do it all for you, so you can focus on doing what you do best...

Being a kick-ass real estate agent.

That’s where ReEngager comes in.

Our value proposition is simple:

We nurture your leads so you don’t have to.

Here’s how it works:

For a small monthly fee, we’ll take care of the whole lead nurture shebang for you.

That means you’ll stay “top of mind” so that the second someone needs an agent, YOU are the first and only person that pops into their head.

They’ll call you directly (or book into your calendar through our scheduling software - say goodbye to time-consuming back-and-forth emails).

You work your magic and generate tens of thousands of dollars in additional revenue each year.

If you book some meetings, keep paying us.

If you don’t, you can cancel anytime.

No lock-in contracts or any funny business. That’s the ReEngager way.

We've already pulled in $52,575...”

Your campaign worked like magic. We've already pulled in $52,575 and we're continuing to run advertising so the sales will only increase.

ALVIN HUANG  //  Success Vantage

ReEngager makes it easy to generate 20% more sales opportunities each month.

Once the system is locked and loaded, all you need to do is add your leads to your personal ReEngager account (or have us add them for you automatically).

That’s it!

Seriously, it’s that simple.

Think of ReEngager as your “automatic appointment machine”.

Put 10 unconverted leads in the top...

...and get 2, 5 or even 8 appointments out the bottom with qualified, ready-to-buy prospects.

After you’ve added your leads to the system, ReEngager does the rest...

1 - We send out regular lead nurture campaigns via email (so you’re “top of mind” the next time someone needs you).

2 - We use behavioural retargeting to follow up automatically with HOT leads (so you get ‘em when they really need you).

3 - Your leads book appointments directly into your calendar (say goodbye to time-consuming back-and-forth emails).

4 - We track everything and optimize it over time (ReEngager evolves with you and gets better the longer we work together).

5 - Finally, we send you a report each month with a list of the appointments we booked for you (so you know at a glance if you should keep paying us or not).

“Thanks to you, I’ve pulled in over $76k in LESS than 6 months.

Thanks to you, and mostly you alone, I’ve pulled in over $76k in LESS than 6 months. That’s about $15K/month over the first 5 months of the site’s existence. I have nothing but high praise for you. You freakin’ rock in my book!!

TERRY DUNLAP  //  Reaver Systems

Responsive reengagement is lead nurturing on steroids.

ReEngager is built on a little-known but powerful concept called “responsive reengagement”.

When most agents think of lead nurturing (if they even know what it is), they think of blasting out the same content to everyone in their database.

While this beats doing nothing, it pales in comparison to responsive reengagement.

The problem with most lead nurture campaigns is that they’re dead campaigns.

You send them out and then you see if anyone contacts you.

Nothing happens if someone clicks a link, books a call or visits a page on your website. The system is “dead”. It doesn’t respond or adjust itself to someone’s behaviour, needs or wants.

That’s where responsive reengagement comes in.

Responsive reengagement is designing your lead nurture system to automatically respond to people based on how they interact and engage with your emails and website.

It’s lead nurturing on steroids.

For example, if someone clicks a link to book a call but doesn’t go through with it, send them an email saying something like “Hey, did you get distracted? Complete your booking here...”. 

For best results, throw in a testimonial and a list of what makes you special compared to your competitors.

Cool, right?

The best part is that this can be automated with software and artificial intelligence, so you don’t have to lift a finger.

Your lead nurture system responds automatically to HOT leads.

This is the magic of responsive reengagement.

If it sounds complicated to set up, that’s because it IS complicated.

But you don’t need to do it yourself.

Just sign up with ReEngager and we’ll do it all for you.

Your competitors won’t know what hit ‘em.

Be the best real estate agent you can be (and leave the “confusing tech stuff” to us).

You didn’t become an agent so you could spend hours on your computer, fiddling with content and navigating your way through clunky, confusing software programs.

You got into the game so you could make a difference in your clients’ lives and earn great money doing it.

Don’t give up your dream.

Be a first-rate real estate agent and leave the lead nurturing to ReEngager.

“In just 21 days, I have made 4 times more than what I paid them...”

Here are my thoughts on working experience with ReEngager... very reliable, very honest re fees, no change in fee part way through the job, delivered exactly what they said they would deliver, was on time to the day! NOT one day late, and best of all, IT WORKS! in just 21 days, I have made 4 times more than what I paid them as a direct result of their copy. So - if you need email help, hire ReEngager. They’re the best!

NAOMI FINDLAY  //  Home Staging Institute

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Book more sales meetings without spending more money on ads on lead gen...
Matthew Pollard

“ReEngager easily nets me a few hundred thousand dollars a year...”

Matthew Pollard

The Rapid Growth Guy