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[CASE STUDY] EasyDNS Increases Revenue By 10% With ReEngager

Executive Summary:

EasyDNS came to ReEngager in search of a more effective email marketing strategy. We implemented the ReEngager “eCommerce email marketing strategy” using marketing automation and behavioural targeting.

The end result?

Revenue increased by 10%.

In addition, we taught them how to use the system so they weren’t dependent upon ReEngager.

“In just a few months, they added an additional 10% to our revenue. Plus, instead of giving us the fish, they literally taught us HOW to fish.” – Tamas Acs, CMO, EasyDNS

About EasyDNS:

EasyDNS is a premium DNS provider that helps business owners protect their websites and data. They’re similar to GoDaddy, in the sense that they offer domains and DNS, email and more, but they target a more sophisticated demographic.

Their product offering includes hot swappable nameservers (in case your website gets a DDOS attack) and non-US data storage (creating an “NSA free” zone).

Despite the sophisticated nature of their product offering, customers follow a typical eCommerce buying process, adding products to cart, and then checking out like they would on Amazon or any other eCommerce website.

In other words, they were a perfect candidate for the ReEngager “eCommerce email marketing strategy”.


If you’ve ever been in charge of company growth and marketing, you have first hand experience with how stressful it can be. There’s never enough time to get everything done, and you often feel like you’re behind the 8-ball.

When Tamas Acs, CMO at EasyDNS, reached out to ReEngager, one of the first challenges he mentioned was “not enough time”. He knew eCommerce email marketing was effective. He knew he should be doing it. But he didn’t have the time to do it internally.

Tamas also mentioned not knowing what to do or how to do it. Even if he was able to miraculously find the time to implement an eCommerce email marketing program internally, he knew there was a good chance he would fail or make a mistake. It just wasn’t his core area of expertise.

How ReEngager Helped EasyDNS:

ReEngager implemented a multi-step, multi-campaign email marketing system to plug 7 different conversion holes in the EasyDNS sales funnel.

This included:

  • A welcome campaign and nurture series for new prospects who haven’t purchased yet (to increase the conversion rate from prospect to customer)
  • A multi-step cart abandonment campaign (to increase the number of people who complete their checkout)
  • A category abandonment campaign for people that visit a specific category but leave without purchasing (with personalized recommendations based on that category)
  • A customer welcome series and upsell flow – one campaign for new customers, one campaign for repeat customers (to increase average order value and net profit)
  • A reengagement sequence that reactivated dormant customers and convinced them to make another purchase (to increase lifetime customer value)

In addition, we sent a regular weekly newsletter that provided valuable content and exciting promotions, and optimized their order confirmations with product recommendations to trigger upsells and cross-sells.

The Results:

Within several months of working together, Tamas, CMO at EasyDNS, reached out to ReEngager to tell us that our email marketing strategy had increased revenue by 10%.

For a multi-million dollar company, this 10% increase meant hundreds of thousands of dollars in additional revenue. Such is the amazing power of eCommerce email marketing.

“The team at ReEngager are rockstar marketers. In just a few months, they added an additional 10% to our revenue. Plus, instead of giving us the fish, they literally taught us HOW to fish. If you’re looking for a capable, professional team to execute your email marketing program, these guys are a solid bet. Highly recommended!” – Tamas Acs, CMO, EasyDNS

If you’d like to increase your sales by 10% or more with an eCommerce email marketing strategy from ReEngager, book a free consultation today ($500 value).

John McIntyre

As a freelance copywriter, I used rapid reengagement to become a "mini celebrity" in my market and charge 10x what my competitors did. Now I help business coaches use the same principles to demonstrate their authority, dominate their competition and double their profit.