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Want Better Results With Your Facebook Ads? Do This…

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What you’re about to read is a breakdown of one of the BEST Facebook Ad campaigns for an e-commerce store that I’ve seen in the last 12 months.

Every time it pops up in my feed, I can’t help but smile. It just does so many things right.

The campaign is for Flare Audio. Founded by British inventor Davies Robert, Flare Audio is responsible for ISOLATE noise blocker – a product first launched with a £462,171 Kickstarter campaign in 2016.

And since their successful Kickstarter campaign, Flare Audio has gone on to drive online sales, directly to the consumer, through effective Facebook ads.

Before I break start showing the specifics, let’s talk about the steps involved.

What’s Involved In A Facebook Advertising Campaign For E-Commerce?

In the campaign you’re about to see from Flare Audio, there’s six major steps:

facebook ads for ecommerce 6 steps

And as you’re about to see, each step involved in this process contributes to the overall effectiveness of the advertising campaign.

That’s because each step acknowledges the three big elements you must address with your campaigns:


Target the wrong person and everything falls apart. They have to care. We covered this in my last article.


Target the right person with the wrong offer? Waste of your time. They don’t care, they don’t believe you, or they can’t afford it. Make sure you match your offer to the desires and problems in your audience’s life.


This is your sales argument. A casual conversation in a sauna with the right person who has a problem you can solve is FAR more powerful than a voodoo-level sales page to the wrong person about the wrong thing.

So how do we do this?

By answering these questions…

The Questions You Must Answer For Every Facebook Advertising Campaign

While we already touched on this in my last article, let’s review the questions you must answer for every Facebook advertising campaign:

  • Who are you targeting? How old are they? What are their problems? What are their needs? What is their relationship status? What do they care about?
  • What big problem do they have that you can solve right now? Be extreme – what issue in their life has neck-bleeding, hair-on-fire urgency, that your product can solve?
  • What does the target audience know about their problem, available solutions, your solution, and you?
  • How does your audience describe their problem? How does your audience describe their ideal solution?
  • What do I want them to do if they pursue this campaign all the way through? Think BACKWARDS.
  • Why should they believe your claims at each stage? How can you prove yourself to them?

Answering these questions correctly means you have a GOOD campaign. Answering these questions poorly, or skipping them entirely, results in a BAD campaign.

(Flare Audio’s campaign is a GOOD one, and you’ll see it in just a moment.)

Good E-Commerce Advertising Versus Bad E-Commerce Advertising: Which Do You Do?

Before we press on to Flare Audio’s campaign, a quick check for you – what kind of e-commerce advertising campaigns are you running on Facebook?

Use this chart below to consider your campaigns:

Good Ecommerce Advertising

  • Targets the right people
  • Makes a claim that the right person cares about (how to eliminate a painful problem, how to fulfil a desperate desire, why something is happening)
  • Gives them a reason to act NOW
  • Look/sounds like the content the right person is already consuming.
  • Is congruent in all aspects
  • Leaves the audience better than when they found them
  • Backs up its claims
  • Begins with the end in mind

Bad Ecommerce Advertising

  • Doesn’t have a clear audience – they try to appeal to all aspects of all people, instead of appealing to a specific need of a specific person
  • Doesn’t focus on ONE issue or idea
  • Isn’t congruent with the environment they’re placed in
  • Isn’t congruent throughout campaign elements (asset appearance, copy, etc)
  • Isn’t Useful, Urgent, Ultra-specific, or Unique
  • Doesn’t prove its claims

Hopefully you’re in the “Good E-Commerce Advertising” category.

But if not, don’t stress – it isn’t your fault. There is so much flagrantly untrue information and “Facebook Ads edukayshun” being slopped around the internet that it can be hard to sort good from bad.

And that’s why we’re about to look at Flare Audio’s advertising campaign. It’s going to show you what a good campaign looks like visually, giving you a clear benchmark for your own campaigns into the future.

Anatomy Of A Good E-Commerce Campaign: Flare Audio’s ISOLATE Ear Protectors

01. The Advertisement


This ad is beautiful for 3 reasons:

  1. The copy makes a clear promise that the audience cares about (it targets married individuals)
  2. The image depicts pain, copy offers promise
  3. The copy acknowledges claim is big – the mental objection anyone would have – and promises to back it up with a HOW

And by doing these 3 things, the ad is meeting the three objectives of every ad:

  1. It attracts the attention of the right person
  2. It primes the right person to begin a buying experience (offer of solution to a problem)
  3. It get the right person to click (married person who is losing sleep because of snoring)

02. The Landing Page


Again, a beautiful asset. That’s because this lander is doing 4 things correctly:

  1. The image in the header is identical to ad (this is a MUST do for good results, telling the viewer that they’re in the right place)
  2. First five words of headline identical to ad (again, a MUST do for good results, as it reinforces that the content matches the expectations set by the ad)
  3. Links to product in the first sentence, and again further down
  4. Reinforces the claim with social proof through testimonials

It’s through these 4 actions that the landing page supports the ad and the buying process, meeting the objectives of the lander:

  1. It reinforces that the visitor is in the right place through congruent image and text – nothing about this is surprising to the visitor
  2. Reinforces claim made in ad (heavy use of testimonials and explanation)
  3. Get the click through to the next step in the purchasing process (‘Learn More’ link)

Comparing The Ad And The Lander

Take a look at the ad and the lander side-by-side to see just how well matched they are:


It’s hard to get a more perfectly aligned ad and lander together.

Use this as your gold standard.

If your ad’s headline and landing page’s headline don’t match, fix it.

If your ad’s image and landing page’s image don’t match, fix it.

Do everything you can to reinforce a successful message, and you will be rewarded. Which brings us to step three in this process…

3. The Catalogue Lander


Here’s what you should notice about this catalogue lander – it reinforces the ideas already in use by the campaign (better sleep, ISOLATE, revolutionary).

Ask yourself – are you seeing this level of congruency throughout your entire advertising campaign?

If not, stop now and take a moment to re-assess each stage of your campaign. What’s incongruent? What’s working?

Be like Flare Audio. Keep your messaging, imagery, and ideas as consistent as you possibly can.

04. The Individual Product Page


And now we reach the final stage in the advertising campaign’s process.

Our ad has taken us through the buying journey – from unaware, to aware, to educated, to cart. All that is left is for us to click the ‘add to cart’ button and complete the purchase.

Again, we’ve got consistency in our imagery, our language, and our ideas. The congruence of these elements throughout the entire campaign is powerful, and will no doubt have a clear impact on the bottom line.

The advertisement has done its job. We’re a customer.

Now You’ve Seen An Example Of The Great… How Do Your Campaigns Compare?

This is a moment that requires radical honesty.

Just how well do your campaigns compare to this incredible e-commerce campaign from Flare Audio?

If they aren’t at the same level, this is totally normal. After all, you’re an e-commerce store owner – not an expert Facebook advertiser.

But just because you aren’t an expert Facebook advertiser doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be seeing expert Facebook advertising results.

How To Supercharge Your Facebook Advertising Campaigns Without Spending A Single Minute Inside The Ads Manager

When it comes to e-commerce owners, here’s the hard fact: most never see the results they’re after because they’re trying to do everything themselves.

And the reason they do things themselves is two fold:

  1. They’re trying to conserve capital and create a profitable business instead of throwing it away with so-called “experts” who can’t deliver (this is good)
  2. They feel they need to do it themselves to truly be successful (this is not so good)

I understand how this feels, because I’ve been there myself. I’ve wasted money on experts who couldn’t deliver, and I’ve done things myself – getting subpar results in the process.

It wasn’t until I started hiring and partnering with experts – from coaches with skin in the game to talented hires who could handle projects ten times better than I ever could – that I saw any breakthrough success.

It can be scary, but if you want to supercharge your Facebook advertising campaigns, you need to let go of the reigns and pass them on to someone with greater skills than you.

Meet Growth Ninja: Your Paid-On-Performance Partner

Growth Ninja are a paid-on-performance Facebook optimization and scaling partner. The only way they make money each month is by making YOU money first.

They’ve worked with e-commerce business owners in a wide range of industries, including health and fitness, finance, and dropshippers with a range of stores.

And in the two and a half years since Growth Ninja launched, they’ve constantly retained clients month after month.

Why? Because they get results like this:

  • Increasing recurring revenue by $26,865 per month for a business that sells to churches by optimizing the campaigns being run to their existing funnels
  • Generating over $69,000 of new recurring per year for a business-to-business service by combining a more effective lead generation mechanism with optimized and scaled Facebook ads… generating a 633% ROI in the process
  • Turning $10,000 per month into over $955,000 in annual revenue for a business in the health and fitness space by optimizing and scaling their campaigns

And now they’re opening up their doors to new clients.

But before I share how you can work with them, here’s the numbers behind that health and fitness space business…

From Losing Money Every Month To Generating $955,000 Annual Revenue On A Spend Of Just Over $10,000 Each Month

When this company first reached out to Growth Ninja, they were losing money on their Facebook ads, and struggling to generate a few thousand dollars per year.

They’d tried running the campaigns in house, attempted all the “hacks”, and were even generating sales. But they just couldn’t turn a profit.

Seeing the opportunity to help, Growth Ninja agreed to work with them. And twelve months later it was a very different story.

In the short period they’d been working together, Growth Ninja’s client had gone from losing money every month to:

  • Generating $955,000 in annual gross revenue from their Facebook Advertising from a monthly advertising spend of a little over $10,000.
  • Building their customer base by tens of thousands of customers
  • Securing a 5.2x return on their ad spend (leaving a LOT of profit margin for the company)

Is this the kind of change you’d like to return you’d like to see from your Facebook Ads – getting $5.20 back from every $1 you spend?

If so, fill out this short application to see if you would benefit from working with Growth Ninja.

How You Can Work With Proven Experts Who Will Transform Your Campaigns Into Optimized, Scaled, And Profitable

As a member of the Re-Engager community, you’re one of the first to know that Growth Ninja is taking on new clients.

And if you’ve been running your Facebook ads, failing to see the return you know that others are getting, then it’s time to consider what’s best for your business.

Could your business be generating more revenue and more profits if an expert took over your campaigns?

And would your business benefit from growing in a risk-free way, where your expert was only paid when they delivered results?

If so, Growth Ninja is the company you should work with (apply to work with them here).

If you’re a good match, Growth Ninja will take over your Facebook Advertising campaigns and:

  • Bring in more revenue and greater profit per sale from each advertising campaign by using their proprietary, in-house optimization and scaling process
  • Eliminate the excessive costs that are destroying your advertising profit margins
  • Free up your time so that you can focus on what you’re best at, by taking over all the day-to-day number crunching, tweaking, and fiddling you’ve been doing,

Apply to work with Growth Ninja here.

They have limited space available, and only take on the RIGHT clients. But if you’re a good fit, they could transform your business – just like they’ve done for so many other clients.

John McIntyre

As a freelance copywriter, I used rapid reengagement to become a "mini celebrity" in my market and charge 10x what my competitors did. Now I help business coaches use the same principles to demonstrate their authority, dominate their competition and double their profit.