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How To Make More Money With Rapid Reengagement

Rapid reengagement helps business coaches make more money without spending more on ads or lead gen.

Do you ignore 1 in every 5 people who want to buy from you?

According to a recent DemandGen report, that’s exactly what you’re doing if you don’t reengage your leads.

In other words –

If you don’t reengage your leads, you’re handing the money for your next vacation over to your competitors.

Business coach and best-selling author Matthew Pollard makes a few hundred thousand dollars a year with his rapid reengagement system (more about Matthew below).

That means there’s hundreds of thousands of dollars with YOUR name on it BUT… 

You’ll only get it if you systematically reengage your leads.


It’s not your fault.

They don’t teach this stuff in school, university or training programs for business coaches. Technology moves too fast and they can’t keep up.

But that doesn’t mean you can ignore this.


If you don’t reengage your leads, you’re handing the money for your next vacation over to your more aggressive competitors.

Don’t let that happen 💪

Eliminate the following 3 mistakes and beat them to the punch…

Mistake #1 – You don’t educate before you sell.

Most business coaches go for the sale on the first date.

They sell their programs on their website or try to push people immediately to a sales call.

The problem with this approach is that most people who visit your website won’t be ready to get on the phone with you… let alone actually hire you.

That means that if you only focus on the people that are ready to go NOW, you miss out on most of the action.

You’re focusing on the tip of the iceberg…

…when 90% of the profit and growth in your coaching business is underwater, with all of the people who aren’t ready today but may be ready tomorrow, next week, next month or next year.

The solution?

Instead of going straight for the sale, take the time to educate and nurture your prospects first.

This is the first step to unlocking all the profit that’s “underwater” in your business.

This happened with Marius, a business coach for mortgage brokers in Australia.

When Marius first reached out to us, he had plenty of people visiting his website and expressing interest in hiring him… but not many were converting into sales calls or clients.

He felt like he was banging his head against a brick wall. He was going to networking events, doing interviews and spending lots of money on advertising… all the things he knew he should.

It was driving a good many people to his website…

…but he couldn’t generate more than a small trickle of clients.

I explained to Marius that simply driving people to his website wasn’t enough.

While some people would be ready to hire him immediately, most wouldn’t. 

With that in mind, we designed a rapid reengagement system that warmed people up with valuable content before asking them to hop on a sales call.

This built trust and reciprocity and positioned Marius as a trusted advisor instead of a greedy business coach desperate for cash.

Some of the education we created for Marius included:

  • The dirty secret about mortgage leads
  • 2 ways to close cold leads
  • If Lebron James was a mortgage broker

The idea was simple:

Help people first THEN ask them to do something (like book a sales call). 

Immediately after launching his rapid reengagement system, Marius booked several sales calls.

In the end, his conversion rate from website visitor to sales call exploded, with many calls coming from prospects weeks and sometimes months after they’d first visited his website.

As a result, he’s finally escaped the “feast or famine” rollercoaster that plagues most coaches and fallen in love with his business again.

When Marius first contacted us, he thought he needed to generate more traffic.

Now he’s discovered the truth…

It’s what you do with the traffic that you have that matters.

That’s why it’s crucial to build a relationship with your website visitors before you try to get them on the phone.

Instead of seeing you as just another salesperson, they see you as someone who truly cares.


It’s not enough to simply educate your prospects. Any business coach can do that.

That’s where mistake #2 comes in.

Mistake #2 – You don’t indoctrinate your prospects with your unique selling proposition.

If you want to stand out from the pack of undifferentiated “me too” business coaches, you can’t just educate your prospects.

You also have to explain…

What makes YOU special?

Why should someone hire YOU instead of any other business coach?

And what do YOU offer that no one else does?

If you can’t answer these questions, your reengagement system will still work (as you saw above)… but it’ll be easy for another business coach to rip you off.

On the other hand, if you can clearly explain what separates you from all the other business coaches out there, you’ll eliminate your competition. 

It’ll be impossible for prospects to compare you with anyone else because you won’t be another “me too” business coach.

That means they’ll stop comparing your prices to other coaches and asking for discounts.

I call this step “indoctrination” because the goal is to indoctrinate the prospect with all the reasons you’re the best person or company to work with.

In my last business working as a freelance copywriter, I struggled for a long time because I didn’t explain what made me special.

I was one copywriter among thousands… competing not just with other freelance copywriters, but also digital marketing agencies with far bigger budgets and marketing teams.

I was outgunned and outmatched… and yet not only did I manage to survive in this crowded field, I thrived.

I had a 6-figure business in less than 12 months, one of the most popular email marketing podcasts on iTunes (now with more than half a million downloads) and became a “mini celebrity” within my niche. 

I even spoke at some of the biggest marketing conferences in the world (such as Traffic and Conversion Summit and Fusion Dojo)…

How did I do it?

Instead of competing directly with all the other players in the space by calling myself a “copywriter”, I chose to niche down onto one specific copywriting skill:

Email marketing and autoresponders.

I then went further and gave myself a branded name…

The Autoresponder Guy

Notice the language…

“The Autoresponder Guy” not “an autoresponder guy”.

If you wanted an email autoresponder for your business, who would you rather hire…

A generic copywriter or digital marketing agency that did everything (ie. jack of all trades but master of none)…


THE Autoresponder Guy


Easy choice, right?

What if you were at a conference and you met someone who said they needed an email copywriter or someone to create an autoresponder… 

Would you tell them to hire any copywriter or agency or would you refer them to THE Autoresponder Guy?

Wouldn’t it make you look better if you referred THE Autoresponder Guy?

This is what happens when you explain what makes YOU special.

What made me special is that I focused exclusively on email marketing and autoresponders. 

This led to more experience with email marketing…

…which made me better at it than most copywriters and agencies…

…which made me more valuable to any companies that wanted help with email marketing…

…which allowed me to charge 10x what my competitors did.

My business hit 6-figures in the first 12 months, I became a “mini celebrity” within my market and I was invited to speak at some of the best marketing conferences on the planet.

The moral?

Stop competing directly with other business coaches. 

Explain what makes YOU special and put yourself in a category of one.

But wait, there’s more…

Mistake #3 – You don’t activate your HOT leads properly.

To activate a HOT lead, you need to give them some kind of next step to take. 

The simpler the step, the better your activation process…

The more complicated, the more leads you burn.

Most business coaches suck at activating their hot leads.

For example…

When someone’s ready to take the next step with you, how easy do you make it for them?

When someone visits your website, do you have a sophisticated system for capturing leads and converting them into sales calls and appointments?

Do you let people book themselves into your calendar at the time that suits them?

Do you send them a questionnaire to help you prepare for the appointment?

Do you follow up with people who start the booking process but drop off along the way?


Do you just list your phone number and email address and hope that they contact you?

For most business coaches, it’s just a phone number and email address or contact form.

This is a BIG mistake… and it means you’re leaving bucket loads of money on the table.

When business coach and best-selling author Matthew Pollard reached out to us, he was driving plenty of traffic to his website.

The problem was… it wasn’t turning into many sales calls or paid clients.

It was driving him crazy. 

He was doing everything he could to build awareness and send people to his website.

But most people weren’t reaching out to hire him.

I explained to him that it’s like having a leaky bucket. If your bucket is filled with holes, filling it up with more water isn’t going to fix the problem.

First you have to plug the holes.

Sometimes that’s all you need to do to get a very significant boost to sales.

We helped Matthew plug the holes in his sales funnel with our rapid reengagement approach.

That meant triggering reengagement campaigns based on prospect behaviour.

For example…

If someone joined the newsletter but didn’t book a call within 30 minutes, we’d remind them to book a call.

If someone clicked “Book a call” but didn’t confirm their booking within 30 minutes, we’d remind them to confirm their booking.

And if someone booked a call but didn’t fill out the questionnaire, we’d send them a reminder about completing the questionnaire.

The goal was to create targeted reminders to catch any stragglers from each step… any hot leads who were ripe and ready to move to the next step but just needed a little nudge.

Immediately after launching his new rapid reengagement system, Matthew began closing more deals than ever before.

In fact, it worked so well that he had to start a waiting list for new clients soon after we launched. His waiting list is now booked out 2 months in advance.

Here’s Matthew:

That’s why it’s important to plug the holes in your sales funnel

Don’t let great leads fall through the cracks.

You do NOT want to lose people when they’ve got their wallet in their hand.

Remember –

If you don’t reengage your leads, you’re handing the money for your next vacation over to your competitors.

There’s hundreds of thousands of dollars out there that has YOUR name on it BUT you’ll only get it if you:

  • Educate your prospects before you try to sell something
  • Indoctrinate them with your unique selling proposition
  • Activate them so that hiring you is easy, fast and simple

If that sounds like a lot of work, that’s because it IS a lot of work.


Your entire rapid reengagement system can be automated and set to run like a finely-tuned machine, while you focus on driving traffic to your website and doing sales calls.


Don’t be.

All this is far easier said than done… especially for business coaches who aren’t natural writers or good with technology. 

That’s why we’d like to offer you our FREE Rapid Reengagement Crash Course.

It’s 12 short lessons on how to create a rapid reengagement system – specifically for ambitious business coaches who want to dominate their competition and double their profits.

Sign up for the FREE Crash Course here.


What was your biggest takeaway from this article? Let me know in the comments below!

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John McIntyre

As a freelance copywriter, I used rapid reengagement to become a "mini celebrity" in my market and charge 10x what my competitors did. Now I help business coaches use the same principles to demonstrate their authority, dominate their competition and double their profit.