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The One Email Campaign That Outperforms Cart Abandonment (It’s Not What You Think)

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Email consistently proves to be one of the most reliable marketing channels you can use to increase sales for your online store.

Yet as an online merchant or eCommerce marketing manager, you have the difficult task of determining exactly which emails to send to your shoppers so that you can can convert more of those shoppers into purchasing customers.

Ultimately, your goal is to increase conversions, right?

In this article, I’m going to reveal to you the one email that outperforms nearly every campaign out there (including cart abandonment emails) by reaching more shoppers and generating an entirely new stream of revenue.

Read on to find out what that email is…(hint: it’s probably NOT what you think!)

Using Email to Convert More Window Shoppers Into Paying Customers

Here’s a scary fact:

The majority of eCommerce traffic does not convert on its initial visit.

Enter Cart Abandonment Emails. Sending behaviorally triggered campaigns to the shoppers who’ve added products to their carts without completing a purchase is an effective way to bring those shoppers back to your site.

Whether you’re sending cart abandonment emails to your shoppers or not, you’ve probably heard of these campaigns and how they can help you achieve a lift in sales by recapturing those lost shoppers.

But cart abandonment only addresses a very small amount of your site traffic. Take this site’s analytics, for example:

ecommerce site trafficecommerce site traffic

In this case, nearly 90% of this eCommerce site’s traffic added nothing to a cart.

Generally, only about 5% of your website’s traffic ever makes it to the cart page, so while it’s great to engage with those shoppers who’ve clearly expressed an interest in purchasing your products, cart abandonment campaigns are limited in reach.

So, how can you increase the reach of your email marketing strategy to convert more of your site traffic?

The One Email That Outperforms Cart Abandonment to Get You More Sales

Here’s an example of the one email campaign that outperforms cart abandonment, increases your reach, and can even generate a brand new stream of revenue for your eCommerce site.

Have you seen emails like this one?

ecommerce emailecommerce email

Or how about this one?

ecommerce marketing
These are examples of product browse abandonment emails, and they can be used to reach up to 5x more shoppers, bringing them back to your site to complete a purchase.

Here’s how it works:

You can automate product browse emails to be sent to the shoppers on your site who viewed specific products but never ended up adding anything to their carts.

Engaging with shoppers who have taken the time to actually view products on your site is a great way to leverage more site traffic that you may have otherwise lost altogether..

Here are some real-life examples of how well product browse emails perform:

ecommerce email ecommerce analyticsecommerce email


As you can see, product browse abandonment emails outperform cart abandonment, 2 to 1. (In this case, this eCommerce site used their product browse campaign to generate more than double the amount of revenue from cart abandonment.

ecommerce analytics

Product browse emails also tend to convert higher than any other marketing campaign, including non-personalized emails like newsletters and PPC.

What makes this automated email campaign so effective?

For one, the amount of site traffic that views actual products on your site is around 20%, so your reach is much greater than cart abandonment.

It gets better.

Shoppers who have taken the time to view individual products are expressing a significantly high level of purchase intent, more so than shoppers who bounce from your homepage or view a specific category, for example.

This means that when you email shoppers who’ve viewed your products, you’re engaging with particularly “warm leads,” which increases the chances for conversion.

Product browse emails can be highly personalized, which means they can work extremely well for any online retailer. After all, 81% of shoppers report that they are highly likely to purchase from a site that sent them personalized emails.

Here are some things you should know about produce browse emails so that you can use them to recover more sales for your site.

Using Product Browse Abandonment Emails for Your eCommerce Website

You may be wondering why you don’t often hear about product browse abandonment emails. If they perform so well, why aren’t they commonly known as part of any winning eCommerce email marketing strategy?

In the past, the larger retailers like Amazon were the ones who focused a ton on personalized email messages like these because it used to take large development and marketing teams and even larger budgets to implement strategies like this one.

But here’s the thing:

In 2017, automated personalization tools for email are becoming more accessible to retailers of all sizes, so no matter how big or small your online business may be, you, too, can send these highly personalized messages to your shoppers.

Here’s how:

  • In your email marketing platform, create a user segment that address only those shoppers who viewed products on your site
  • Dynamically populate each email template with the product info of what each shopper viewed
  • Include large, high quality images of the product
  • Use a friendly call to action to invite shoppers back to your site
  • Insert product recommendations that are personalized to each shopper so that they relate to the product that was viewed. Make sure to include related items, upsells, downsells, and also some site-wide best sellers. (The idea is the give your shoppers as many relevant options to click; this is a great hack to improve CTR)
  • Optimize for mobile by creating a responsive design that adjusts product recommendations accordingly
  • Create a sequence so that shoppers who don’t return on the first email still have opportunities to come back to your store when they’re ready.

And then all that’s left is…

Watch the sales come in!

Leverage Your Site Traffic to Increase Conversions With This High-Converting Automated Campaign in 2017

That’s all there is to it!

As you can see, product browse emails reach out to much more site traffic and are effective at converting that traffic into sales due to the relevant nature of their email content.

In 2017, it’s critical to optimize your marketing efforts for higher conversions, so why not use the most effective marketing channel to leverage more site traffic than ever?

Use product browse emails for your site, and let me know what results you experience. You’re likely to be pleasantly surprised.

This is a guest post by Daniel Kohn. Daniel is the CEO and co-founder of, a company that helps eCommerce stores and online retailers increase sales, average order value, and lifetime customer value through email. Download SmartMail’s 4 highest converting email templates to help jumpstart your eCommerce email marketing program.

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