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ROI Calculator (Step 1 of 3)

Step 1 of 3

How Much Is Your Company Losing?

The ReEngager Email Marketing ROI Calculator is for online retailers who feel like they’re losing out on increased sales revenue because they don’t have an email marketing strategy (or their existing strategy doesn’t produce their desired ROI).

With the ReEngager Email Marketing ROI Calculator, you will:

  • discover exactly how much potential revenue you are losing (because you either lack an email marketing strategy or don’t have an effective strategy)
  • identify new revenue opportunities
  • develop a strong marketing email strategy (or improve your existing strategy)
  • get specific campaign recommendations which you can get started with immediately
  • find out how you can recapture lost visitors and reactivate lost customers

How To Use The ReEngager Email Marketing ROI Calculator

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The ReEngager algorithm calculates your predicted ROI based on a number of factors including total revenue, gross margin, industry type and monthly transaction volume.

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How much money are you losing?
Dave Cruces Kitchen Tables R Us

ReEngager's ROI Calculator gave us an immediate understanding of the potential return-on-investment from implementing an email marketing strategy. Highly recommended.