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Whitepaper- How To Grow Sales By 30percent With Lifecycle Marketing COVER

Whitepaper: How To Grow Sales By 30% With Lifecycle Marketing (Plus, 12 “Quick Start” Campaign Ideas)

Lifecycle marketing depends on email marketing, so it’s only natural to wonder – in the days of Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter – is email marketing dead?

In this whitepaper, you’ll find out if email really is dead, or it’s alive and well (and performing better than ever). If you’re already using email, you might think you’re doing enough. Most retailers believe that sending a regular newsletter and the occasional cart abandonment is everything you can do. But there is a WORLD of possibilities with email and lifecycle marketing. Download this whitepaper and see for yourself.

In this whitepaper, you’ll discover:

  • the right way and the wrong way to do email and lifecycle marketing (most companies are doing it the wrong way)
  • 12 “quick start” campaigns you can implement immediately and profit
  • one of the first campaigns you need to implement after reading
  • how to create an email marketing program that produces up to 30% of your results
  • how QIS packaging generated a 2,225% return on investment

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